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Coach Training Programs

ZV Stormvogel calls aspiring coaches to take part in our coach training programs. We’ll prepare you to nail your certification test. There is no other place that can get you prepared for the certification test like ZV Stormvogel. We have the best people who can work with you, so you too can become a certified coach. We’ll also assist you with what to do next after the certification and make significant career choices that are fulfilling yet that pay.

Tournaments and Activities

Since the establishment of our association in Vlissingen, we vowed to be part of the community. Since our association is in the area of water sports, we introduce swimming sports as fun, daring, and competitive. The best way to do it is to hold tournaments that will encourage young people to join and so they’ll learn more about the best practices of swimming. The funds we gather from tournaments and other activities go to maintaining the facility and to a non-profit organization of our choice.

Elite and international swimming

We also train and polish swimmers to be excellent enough to join elite and international swimming competitions. You’ll be part of our intensive training programs that will enhance your endurance, speed, and overall ability to compete. Elite and international swimming competitions will require excellence. Every year the best swimmers of each city will meet in one place and reserve a spot in earning the title. ZV Stormvogel dream is to help someone to reach his/her dreams in making it to the Olympics. If you have the same goal, join ZV Stormvogel. We’ll keep that fire burning inside you to break all the odds and make it to the top. You’ll be working with the best people who can harness the hidden potentials resting inside you. Go for it. Nothing is impossible for those who persevere.